Full Powertrain + Essentials Plan

Vehicle Qualification & Coverage*

ANY MAKE AND MODEL up to 10 YEARS with 0 - 250,000 Km

Coverage is for both PARTS & LABOUR.

For Personal and Light Commercial/Business Use vehicles.

For Pre-Owned Passenger Cars, Vans and Pickup Trucks up to 1 ton capacity.

Vehicles not eligible: Snow plow, Emergency vehicles, Driving schools, Public hire, Taxi, Limo.

Unlimited number of claims*

Nationwide coverage Canada and US*

Direct payment to authorized service center*

Guaranteed approval on all eligible claims*

No claim, reward bonus option*

    Parts Included

  • Engine

    Engine Block and cylinder head(s), all internally lubricated mechanical parts including: crankshaft, main bearings, crankshaft gears, push rods, pistons, piston rings and pins, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs and retainers, valve covers, valve guides, lifters, rocker arms, shafts and pivots, timing chain or belt, oil pump and shaft. (excluding Seals and gaskets).*

  • Transmission

    Automatic: Housing (when damaged from within) , torque converter, valve body, gear sets, main and intermediate shafts, vacuum modulator, oil pump & governor, friction and steel plates, clutches and bands. (excluding all manual clutch components, external linkages, flexplates and flywheel. Seals and gaskets are also excluded).*
    Manual/ Standard: Housing (when damaged from within),main and intermediate shafts, gear sets, synchronizer rings, shaft fork. (excluding flexplates, flywheel, ring gears and external linkages. Manual clutch components, bearings, pressure plate. Seals and gaskets are also excluded).*

  • Differential

    Front and/or rear differential housing (when damaged from within), all internally lubricated mechanical parts including: main shaft, crown and pinion gears, carrier gear and housing. (excluding Seals & gaskets, 4WD locking hubs).*

  • Transfer Case (4x4 / AWD)

    All internally lubricated parts including; case, gears and sprockets, chain. (excluding seals and gaskets).*

  • Turbo and Supercharger

    Housing, waste gate controller, intercooler, hard lines, compressor, clutch and pulley, bypass valve and ducting. (excluding seals and gaskets).*

  • Seals and Gasket(s)

    All seals and gaskets used to obtain fluid & lubricants within the covered parts including Cylinder Head Gasket(s), intake and exhaust manifold gasket(s). Minor leaks of fluids are considered normal and are not covered.*

  • Head Gasket

    Cylinder head gasket(s).*

  • Electrical System

    Starter motor & solenoid, alternator & voltage regulator, radiator fan motor, front and rear windshield wiper motors and windshield washer pumps.
    Manual switches: front and rear wipers switch, rear window defroster switch, power windows switch, headlights switch, heater blower switch, turn signals switch, power door locks switch, power sunroof switch, power seats switch, cruise control switch.*

  • Air Conditioning System

    Compressor, clutch assembly and pulley, evaporator, receiver dryer, hi and low pressure cut off switches. (excluding seals & gaskets unless the option has been purchased).*

  • Services Included

  • Rental Car Allowance

    In the event of a breakdown or failure of a covered part under this contract we will reimburse you for a rental car to a maximum of $35 (thirty-five) CDN per each 8 hours of repair time according to the Mitchell labor guide.*

  • Towing Allowance

    We will reimburse you for towing charges of up to $60 (sixty) Canadian dollars per occurrence if the breakdown is covered under your contract.*

  • Roadside Assistance Allowance

    We will reimburse you up to $60 (sixty) CDN per occurrence for any A) Winching service for a disabled covered vehicle stuck in snow, mud or off the road, B) Battery boosting, C) Emergency fuel delivery service, D) Flat tire service, E) Vehicle entry service (locksmith services) under your contract.*

  • Travel and Hotel Allowance

    We will reimburse you for a maximum of up to $150 (one hundred and fifty) Canadian dollars per claim if the breakdown is covered under your contract.*

    Additional Add-on Service Options

    Available on select warranty plans and terms

  • Unlimited Kilometers

    No mileage restriction for the total term of the contract.*

  • Diagnostic Service Allowance (1Hr)

    In the event of a breakdown or failure of a covered part under this contract we will reimburse you the diagnostic fee equal to no greater than ONE HOUR of labor charge, based on our current network labor rate.*

  • $0 (zero) CDN Deductible per Claim

    In the event of a breakdown of a covered part under this contract, the deductible, as indicated by you and/or the selling dealer on the face of the application form will be reduced to $0 (Zero) Canadian dollars on each and every claim authorized by us for the total term of this contract respectfully.*

  • $500 Claim Payout Bonus Upgrade

    In the event of a breakdown or failure of a covered part under this contract, we will automatically extend the maximum liability coverage of this plan by an additional $500 (CDN)*

  • $5000 per Claim Liability

  • First Claim Double Max Liability $10,000

  • One Time Claim Double Max Liability $10,000

*All benefits described are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. EFFECTIVE Jan 1st, 2018.

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