Autogard Advantage


Platinum Max Plan

Parts Included


Engine Block and cylinder head(s), all internally lubricated mechanical parts including: crankshaft, main bearings, crankshaft gears, pushrods, pistons, piston rings and pins, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs and retainers, valve covers, valve guides, lifters, rocker arms, shafts and pivots, timing chain or belt, oil pump and shaft. (excluding Seals and gaskets).*


Automatic: Housing (when damaged from within). torque converter, valve body, gear sets, main and intermediate shafts, vacuum modulator, oil pump and governor, friction and steel plates, clutches and bands. (excluding all manual clutch components, external linkages, flexplates, and flywheel. Seals and gaskets are also excluded).*
Manual/ Standard: Housing (when damaged from within), main and intermediate shafts, gears sets, synchronizer rings, shaft fork. (excluding flexplates, flywheel, ring gears and external linkages. Manual clutch components, bearings, pressure plate. Seals and gaskets are also excluded).*


Front and/or rear differential housing (when damaged from within), all internally lubricated mechanical parts including: main shaft, crown and pinion gears, carrier gear and housing.(excluding Seals and gaskets, 4WD locking hubs).*

Transfer Case (4x4 / AWD)

All internally lubricated parts including: case, gears, and sprockets, chain. (excluding seals and gaskets).*

Turbo and Supercharger

Housing, waste gate controller, intercooler, hard lines, compressor, clutch and pulley, bypass valve and ducting. (excluding seals and gaskets).*

Seals and Gasket(s)

All seals and gaskets used to obtain fluid and lubricants within the covered parts including Cylinder Head Gasket(s), intake and exhaust manifold gasket(s).*

Head Gasket(s)

Cylinder head gasket(s).*

Air Conditioning System

Compressor, clutch assembly and pulley, evaporator, receiver dryer. (excluding seals and gaskets unless the option has been purchased).*

Electrical System

Starter motor and solenoid, alternator and voltage regulator, radiator fan motor, front and rear windshield wiper motors and windshield washer pumps.*

Front and Rear Suspension System

Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints.*

Heating and Cooling Systems

Radiator, radiator fan motor and blades, heater core, fan clutch, heater control valve and coolant recovery unit.*

Steering System

Rack and pinion assembly, power steering pump and pulley, steering gear, kingpins and bushings.*

Braking System

Master cylinder, vacuum assist booster, disk brake calipers, wheel cylinders, proportioning valve, flexible brake fluid hoses and hydraulic steel lines and fittings. (excluding brake pads, linings, rotors, drums and emergency brake components).*

Fuel and Injection System

Gasoline Engines: Fuel pump, fuel injection and distribution pump, fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulators.*
Diesel Engines: Fuel pump, fuel pressure regulators.*

Supplementary Parts

Engine Parts: Water pump, motor mounts and torque struts, oil pan, harmonic balancer and pulley, intake and exhaust manifolds, timing chain(s) or belt and their gears and tensioners, dipstick and tube, oil pressure sending unit and temperature gauge sending unit.*
Driveline: CV Axle shafts, CV joints and boots, main drive shaft, universal joints, hanger bearings.*
Transmission/Transaxle: Flexplate, flywheel, ring gears, mounts.*
Transfer Case: Transfer case mounts.*

Powertrain Plus Package

Water pump, starter motor and solenoid, alternator and voltage regulator, CV Joints, CV axle shafts.*

Hi-Tech Power Equipament

Electronic engine management sensors: Cam, Crank, Oxygen “O2” sensors (excluding Diesel engine “NOX” nitrogen oxide sensors), transmission computer control module, anti-lock brake/traction system (control module, exciter rings, pump and pressure modulator assembly), electronic temperature control module, electronic ignition computer control modules, fuel injection computer control modules, digital dash instrumentation (speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, oil, temperature and voltage displays only).*

Emission Components

Air control valve, idle vacuum valve, air supply valve, hose and tube, air check valve assembly, barometric pressure sensor, ECC relay assembly, vapor storage container, idle air control valve, knock sensor, PCV hose assembly, PC valve, PCV vapor filter, engine coolant temperature sensor, vacuum restrictor, VAFsensor.*

Power Accessories

Power window motors, power regulators, power door lock actuator motors and switches, power seat motors, power antenna, electronic trunk release actuators, exterior mirror motors, sunroof motor and convertible top motors. Power sliding door and liftgate motors, headlamp wiper motors.*

Audio/Video Accessories

Factory installed stereos, headphone controls, CD / DVD I Blu-ray player and TV LCD I LED monitor. (excluding wiring and wiring harness).*

GPS Navigation System

Factory installed navigation display unit, navigation control module (excluding wiring and wiring harness).*

Air Bag System

Airbag cables and contact coils, airbag control module, airbag sensors and occupancy sensors, clock spring and disablement switch (airbags are not covered).*

Computer Software

Upgraded or revised software, including software patches and updates, where it is necessitated by an authorized claim.*

Fluids and Filters

Following items: coolants, engine and/or transmission oil filters, lubricants and oils will be covered provided the vehicle is not within 1000 kilometers of its next due service, and to include refrigerants for the air conditioning system, all provided their replacement is necessitated by an authorized claim.*

Services Included

Towing Allowance

We will reimburse you for towing charges of up to $60 (sixty) Canadian dollars per occurrence if the breakdown is covered under your contract.*

Roadside Assistance Allowance

We will reimburse you up to $60 (sixty) CDN per occurrence for any A) Winching service for a disable covered vehicle stuck in snow, mud or off the road, B) Battery boosting, C) Emergency fuel delivery service, D) Flat Tire Service, e) vehicle entry service (locksmith services) under your contract.*

Travel and Hotel Allowance

We will reimburse you for a maximum of up to $150 (one hundred fifty) Canadian dollars per claim if the breakdown is covered under your contract.*

Additional Add-on Part Options

Diesel AdBlue System

Factory installed Diesel engine AdBlue solution fluid delivery pump, AdBlue fuel additive tank, AdBlue preheater heater element, Diesel engine fuel injectors and Diesel engine “NOX” nitrogen oxide sensors. (Excluding all AdBlue additives and fluids)*

Additional Add-on Service Options

$0 (zero) CDN Deductible per Claim

In the event of a breakdown of a covered part under this contract, the deductible, as indicated by you and/or the selling dealer on the face of the application form will be reduced to $0 (Zero) Canadian dollars on each and every claim authorized by us for the total term of this contract respectfully.*

Unlimited Kilometers

No mileage restriction for the total term of the contract.*

Rental Car Allowance

In the event of a breakdown or failure of a covered part under this contract we will reimburse you for a rental car to a maximum of $35.00 (thirty five) Canadian dollars per each 8 hours of repair time according to the labor guide to a maximum of $245.00 (two hundred and forty five) Canadian dollars for the total term of this contract.*

Diagnostic Service Allowance (1Hr)

In the event of a breakdown or failure of a covered part under this contract we will reimburse you the diagnostic fee equal to no greater than ONE HOUR of labor charge, based on our current network labor rate.*

$7500 per Claim Liability

In the event of a Breakdown or failure of a covered part under this Contract, as indicated by You and/or the Selling Dealer on the face of the application form Your liability coverage will be increased to $7,500.00 (Seven thousand and five hundred) Canadian dollars per claim respectfully.

Factory Add-on Coverage

*All benefits described are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. EFFECTIVE Jan 1st, 2018.