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Autogard Advantage is one of the top leading extended car warranty companies for all automotive dealers and their customers nationwide.
We support our customers through a wide network of automobile dealers and service facilities across Canada and the United States, bringing the simplicity and convenience of superior service at your reach.
Why Choose Autogard
Unlimited number of Claims
Unlimited number
of Claims*
Nationwide coverage Canada and US
Nationwide coverage
Canada and US*
Direct payment to
Authorized Service Centres*
Guaranteed approval
on all Eligible Claims*
No Claim, Reward Bonus
No deductible on parts
Previously Repaired*
Both parts and labor
24/7 convenient online
Claim Service*
Responsive claims
Option to Transfer
Renew and Upgrade*
What our clients say

“I took my car to my mechanic because my engine light came on and it turned out to be the oxygen sensor. my mechanic called autogard and told them what needed to be replaced and for how much. in a short time he had an approval from them and my car was being fixed and i saved a lot of money.”


“We know that sometimes it’s difficult to get to the phone if you are in the middle of something and you don’t want to miss.”


“I got autogard warranty for my 2010 ML 350. my transmission needed to be replaced after a few month and then some problem with the engine. Both times they responded quickly and all I had to pay was my deductible. Happy with the service so far. Thanks.”


“My car wouldn’t start last week so I called Autogard and they told me my warranty has included free roadside assistance! I towed the car to one of their authorized mechanic shops and they replaced the starter for me and I picked up the car the same day. Super fast and friendly service from everyone at Autogard and the mechanic shop. Thank you!”


We are approved, insured and accredited by the most respected and reputable sources

Anniversary 25 Years
Consumer Choice Award 2018
BBB Consumer Choice Award
Certifiee OCCQ

  • Ontario mailing address
    P.O. Box 91007, 2901 Bayview Village,
    North York, Ontario, M2K 2Y6
  • Quebec mailing address
    P.O. Box 487 Victoria Station,
    Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 2Y6